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     This is the section of my site where I'm supposed to ramble on about myself for a while. Or if I'm really hip, this is the section of the site where I'm supposed to ramble on about how it's pointless to talk about myself on my website, since the people that know me already know whatever I'd write here, and the people that don't probably don't care, and probably aren't reading this anyhow. :) If I'm feeling particularly post-modern (as one is prone to do on Tuesdays), I suppose this is the part of the site where I itemize the classical and contemporary expectations for this part of the site while presuming to display some objective distance, that of course being what I've just done. But now I've gone and talked about being post-modern, so I've transcended that too, and reached meta-post-modernism. Yes, I am aware that by referring to meta-post-modernism I have likely transcended it, and by mentioning that I've doubly transcended it, and so on ad nauseum. That's the great thing about metaphysics.

     My problem is this: encryption isn't much good, or much fun, if I'm the only one doing it. :) On the other hand, it's difficult to convince your average e-mail correspondent that they really want to use encryption so powerful that world governments cannot crack it when the email is just discussing tomorrow's football game. The thing is, encryption is the only good way you've got to maintain privacy over the Internet. I dunno what more to say, for me, privacy is important enough that I'm willing to take the extra 5 seconds (it's really that quick! If you need help, email me, I'll get you set up!) and lock it up.
    Not because I don't want the government reading about my illegal drug deals, but because I don't want the government reading about my best friend's family problems. Not because I don't want some 12 year old reading my top secret corporate information, but because I don't want some 12 year old reading about my love life. Encryption isn't just for the perverted and criminal masses. It's for anyone who wants to ensure that their privacy is protected.
     If you get into the habit of using it, I guarantee you'll forget it's there, (it really does take about 5 seconds) but in the process you make internet privacy work. I think PGP is great, but I can't use it unless the people I'm talking to know what to do with the message.

My Current ( PGP Key
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My Schedule
     A helpful guide for would-be stalkers and other hangers-on.

     Those who have kept up with my schedule in previous semesters will notice that this semester's schedule is just a shameless rework of last semester's schedule. You'll also notice that all my headings are in lower case arial, what's with that anyhow?

My LiveJournal
     Journals are great. I was never a real diary kind of guy, but jotting down life updates once in a while makes it so much easier to catch up with people, and let others know how you're doing. Mine used to be at a programmer's discussion site called advogato, but people had too much difficulty spelling that, so I've moved to LiveJournal takes my journal entries, sorts em, pretties them up, and serves them to the world, and I'd love it if my friends checked it out once in a while. I'd love it even more if the people I cared about all got journals going, either with livejournal or elsewhere - because I'd love to see how they're doing. Are you one of those people? Do you have a journal? Why not?