What to do when you aren't here
     Google is smarter than whatever you're using to search the web right now (assuming you're not using Google). It's really clever technology. Instead of just word matching, it rates a site based on how many related sites link to it, based on how many highly-rated sites it links to, and based on how often it's actually chosen when it's returned as a search result. Clever, neh? So use it.
     Sadly, Google.com has nuked their "you search, we pay" affiliates program, so now this google bar is provided exclusively because it rocks, and no longer because they paid me $0.03 per click.

Analyse This
     As a public service to would-be pigeon-holers and deindividuation hobbyists, I have provided links to a series of sites to which I make semi-regular visits. Feel free to presume to define me by the sites I frequent, I don't mind, I actually appreciate it. It will comfort me, as I insert the soldering iron into your rectum.






The buttons
     This was originally the sum total content on this page which, while somewhat lame, had the benefit of also being really lame. Click this button to launch the sites that I normally read on a daily basis. Or don't.

     For more fun and excitement, click here for the weeklies. These are sites I frequent that don't update quite as often.

     Finally, if you think you can handle it, click here to do absolutely nothing.