Wenches and Rogues
     The pics are up now, but there's no index page, just a directory listing. A warning though, I like to avoid losing picture data, so a lot of these pictures have not been reduced to sane download size. If you're on highspeed like the rest of us, this won't bother you much, if you're on dialup, bother me about it enough and I'll make up thumbnail pages.
     They're organized by event, that is, since most of them were scanned from rolls of film, they've been clumped according to when each roll was used. Naturally, this has left me with a rather large Misc section.
     Jan. 12, 2000 - UPDATE: I bought a scanner a while ago. Hence there are a lot more pics from my high school days, including a bunch of formal/grad pics.
     Feb. 21, 2000 - UPDATE: misc_me now has ample blackmail ammunition. Amy tells me I was cute as a 2 year old, but I think she's secretly mocking me.
     Apr. 26, 2000 - UPDATE: I haven't done anything in particular recently.
-- The Management
k-rad 31337 d00dz
     Yo dis' be ma crue, yo.
AmyMy number 1 chickieface.
DebraMy MIT Connexion. She also serves as an excellent source of entropy in a world that is so often steady-state.
SarahDon't let the thin body fool you, she's really very phat. (Ha!)
HeatherA work in progress (I meant the page.) (Really.)
Miki Aussie gal of mystery. Master of the twangy accent. Attractor of boys upon boys upon boys.
TomTom is truly as k-rad as they come. Good fonts. Good code. Great ass.
MattMatt's page is my number one source for young cartoon women scantilly dressed as felines.
LindsLindsay has asked me to inform everyone that she never really maintained this page, so it shouldn't be taken as an example of her creative power at work. She has also asked me to mention that I suck.
ChristineShe tolerated me for five years worth of high school busrides - those who know me may express shock and disbelief now.